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Aluminum Tread Plate
Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Tread Sheet can be used in flooring, wall panel, tool box, transportation, and other architecture.
Standard Specification: GB/T 3618, Base material conforms to GB/T 3880
Alloy Temper Remarks
1050, 1060, 1100 O, H114, H194

H114 fabricated from Temper O

H194 fabricated from Temper H18

3003, 3105  
5052, 5754 O, H114  
Dimension Thickness Width Length
Range 1.5 ~ 4.5mm 1,000 ~ 1,600mm 2,000 ~ 4,000mm
Pattern Type: Small Five Bar, Big Five Bar, Diamond
Pattern Type Small Five Bar Big Five Bar Diamond
Pattern Height 1.0mm, +/-0.4mm 1.0mm, +/-0.4mm 1.0mm, +/-0.4mm
Pattern Length 35mm, +/-3.0mm 45mm, +/-3.0mm 33mm, +/-2.0mm