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Stainless Steel Bar
Stainless steel bar is the most essential players in the machining industry. Stainless steel bars applications and utilizations rely on the kind of required and come in different sizes as well, such as flat bars, round bars, hexagonal bars, square bars. This is why stainless steel bars are chosen to create machine parts and automotive components.
- Machine parts
- Automotive industries
Flat Bar / Angle Bar 304 / 316L        


Hot Rolled Bar

Peeled Round Bar

Cold Drawn Round Bar

Cold Drawn Square Bar

Cold Drawn Hexagon Bar

303 Type 303 G4318 SUS303 BS303.S 21 X 10CrNiS189
304 Type 304 G4318 SUS304 BS304.S 31 X 5CrNi1810
304N Type 304N G4303 SUS304NI    
304L Type 304L G4318 SUS304 BS304.S 11 X 2CrNi1911
316 Type 316 G4318 SUS316 BS316.S 31 X 5CrNiMo17122
316L Type 316L G4318 SUS316L BS316.S 11 X 2CrNiMo17132
430 Type 430 G4303 SUS430 BS430.S 17 X 6Cr17
430F Type 430F G4303 SUS430F   X 6CrMoS17
403 Type 403 G4318 SUS403    
410 Type 410 G4318 SU410 BS410.S 21 X 12Cr13
416 Type 416 G4318 SUS416 BS416.S 21  
Product Name

Available Size

Hot Rolled Round Bar 12~200 mm Diameter
Peeled Round Bar 19~160 mm Diameter
Cold Drawn Round Bar 4.76~100 mm Diameter
Cold Drawn Square Bar 4.76~76.2 mm
Cold Drawn Hexagon Bar 4.76~76 mm
Centreless Grinding Round Bar 4.76~101 mm
Stainless Steel Flat Bar Thickness 1.5-16mm X Width 10-200mm
Stainless Steel Angle Bar Thickness 2.0-16mm X Leg Width 15-94mm